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Tuesday, November 11th will mark the release of Speaking Cursive’s first full length album. As a follow up to 2012‘s “The What’s In A Name?...E.P.” which was recorded solely by frontman Rick Grice this record definitely takes a different approach. Now with added veterans of the Jacksonville music scene Leroy Copeland, Jeremy Austin, and Eli Alexander Clark, whom each have been performing/touring for over 15 years, this band is brimming with talented musicians whom are passionate about their craft.

When asked to specify their genre Grice simply replies “Songdriven.” And when asked, OK if you had to describe your sound... “Well...I guess you could say it’s a bit like Thin Lizzy meets Shovels and Rope meets your favorite punk band? I try to let the songs write themselves...put myself in a place of inspiration and then pick the melodies out of the air.” Whatever it may be there is no denying it is Rock and Roll.

The record was 100% produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Grice himself. However, with his day job as a full time producer...it absolutely does not sound like your average home recording. “I’ve spent the last 10 years learning how to polish my productions to the nines, however, with this record I pulled back on the reins a bit.” Grice describes. “We did a lot of the tracks in one take and I tried to let the chips fall where they may for the most part. It’s still a clean recording but it has some grit!” All members of the band sing so their record and live show is littered with 3 and 4 part harmony which is a key element of the band


released November 11, 2014

Produced, Engineerd, Mixed & Mastered by Richard Leigh Grice

Rick Grice - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass

Leroy Copeland - Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin,

Eli Alexander Clark - Bass, Vocals

Jeremy Austin - Drums

Additional Musicians: Ryan Kennedy - Drums on "We Were Never Friends" "On Our Own" and "23". Andrew Perlowich - Drums on "Genevieve" and "Oh My God". Dayna Osan - Violin on "Oh My God" Mike Pruitt - Piano on "Coming Clean"



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Speaking Cursive Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: Coming Clean
Let's get it all out, every bullet in the back of your mouth,
every feeling that you know you've been feeling, let go of all the doubt,
Let's take turns, we can make this worse, throw the dirt, make it hurt,
gonna cut deep with every word.
...good girl.

I can taste it on the tip of your tongue, with intent that means to draw blood,
but with your mouth on the end of my gun, you're more keen on making me come,
So let's take turns, we can make this worse, throw the dirt, make it hurt,
gonna fuck it up with every verse.
...good girl.

You got my heart racin' like a hit of methamphetamine,
now my blood is pumpin' like you opened up an artery,
look who's finally coming clean, appreciate the honesty,
eyes roll back in your head, and I could tell she was terrified,
I could see it by the look...by the look in her eyes.
Track Name: On Our Own
You're the part of a song, That we all love but takes too long,
To really quite just figure out, What the hell it's all about,
So here just let me start one right, I'm getting over you tonight,
And all the love we ever made, Things we said would change but stayed the same...here's your grave.

I'll be fine on my own, I'm better off all alone,
Now I can see, we're all that we could be.
But you'll be fine on your own, you're better off all alone,
When all the cards are played it's safe to call a spade a spade.

So here just let me get it all out, the things on my chest that's weighing me down,
To hell with your family and their blind faith in Christianity,
Excuse me while I empty my lungs, while they're rolling in pews and speaking in tongues,
Define the word "hypocrite" is the long and short of it.

I was true for all those years, don't ever doubt this my dear,
now tell me does this other man, do the things that I would do, tell me...would he die for you?

I'll be fine on my own, I'm better off all alone,
Now I can see, we're all that we could be.
But you'll be fine on your own, you're better off all alone,
When all the cards are played it's safe to call a spade a spade.

How could we be so mean? It just came naturally.
I hope that when you dream. That you rest easily.

I'll be fine on my own, I'm better off all alone,
Now I can see, we're all that we could be.
But you'll be fine on your own, you're better off all alone,
When all the cards are played it's safe to call a spade a spade.
Track Name: River Road
River Road, River Road there's no story left untold,
Where I go to cleanse my soul, And when I'm feeling low,
And I've got no one I know, there's a home on River Road.

To you it might not make much sense,
But it's Friday night I'm stayin' in,
Only really need a few close friends,
If I was at the bar I'm bound to lose,
Dressed to impress and shined my shoes but,
I clearly don't have enough tattoos...
Track Name: Rorschach Dress
I couldn't say a word to you,
I couldn't get my tongue to move,
Your dripping emerald eyes knew,
Too, that we were through.

Rivers of black cause an awful mess,
Make a Rorschach test of your summer dress,
It's most likely a heart in a chest,
But all I see is death.

And I couldn't tell you why,
And you just sit and cry,
And I don't know just how you feel inside,
But I know that I could die.

It hurts most to lose a friend,
I swear I'm never gonna love again,
And even if a heart's on the mend,
Well it's just a means to end.

Rivers of black cause a fuckin' mess,
Make a Rorschach test of your Sunday best,
It could be breast but still I digress,
Cause all I see is death.
Track Name: Don't Hold Your Breath
I never knew enough, but now I know too much,
to really let me love.
I hear with every broken heart, there comes a brand new start,
but I just wish it'd stop.

Well I should be, drug out to sea,
So don't hold your breath for me.

It's time you had realized, so baby dry your eyes,
and get on with your life.
Cause God, God knows I tried,
swear I never lied, but something's just not right.

Well I should be, drug out to sea,
So don't hold your breath for me.

I swear I'm giving up, I know I gave enough,
I got swallowed up cause I gave a fuck,
when I never should have cared at all.
Track Name: Genevieve
It's ok Genevieve if you don't want to talk to me, I think about you everyday anyway hope that's ok,
And I don't really care if you, have a boyfriend or if you, are just more into girls, I just wanted a friend, plus I like the way you dance, how I like, I just love the way you dance,

You didn't give your last name anyways it's all the same, I stalk you every single day anyway hope that's ok,
Cause I'm not dangerous I swear, I'm not dangerous I swear I just wanted a friend, plus I like, how I love the way you dance.

And I'm not dangerous I swear, no I'm not dangerous I swear, I'm just glad that your first name is rare, or else I wouldn't have been able to find you on the interweb, but don't be scared, don't be scared, no don't be scared.
Track Name: Becoming Unbecoming
You're the blackest of holes,
You're the lostest of souls,
You consume everything you touch,
in hopes to make you whole,
...but it's gonna catch up to you down the road.

You're the dark in the light,
You're the death, in the life,
You're as unbecoming as they can come,
but at least you're havin' fun,
...like playin' with fire and loaded guns.

You're the false in the start,
You're a home, without a heart,
You're a murder scene with hands wiped clean,
Collecting body parts,
...but i'm digging, up your back yard.

You're painter without paint,
You're a writer pages blank,
If you could figure out just who you are,
Then maybe you could grow,
...but something tells me you will never know.
Track Name: We Were Never Friends
Well I came clean like I said I would,
And you forgave like you knew you should,
but none of this did our love no good.
And here I sit with an empty hand,
beggin' for a leg to stand,
but you'd just shoot me down,
As soon as you can.

...so what do I keep holding onto?

Well you don't have to confess,
Or tell me where you've been,
I can feel it inside your kiss,
there's nothing on your end,
well hell....we were never friends.

Verse 2

Well a penny saved is a penny spent,
or so it seems in this relationship,
and this month, we are way behind on rent.
Now everything that I used to own,
I've traded it all for a microphone,
and every night, spent sleeping alone.

...so what do I keep holding onto?
Track Name: Oh My God
Oh my God I'm not good enough,
I have lost my touch, I just drink too much,
I just curse too much and such and such.

Oh my God I remember when I was just a kid,
I had innocence just like all my friends,
I guess we all did.

Oh my God I was once in love,
When push came to shove it was not enough,
But to tell the truth I did all I could do,
I gave my all, I would have died for you.

Oh my God help me clean this mess,
Get it off my chest so that I can rest,
And I know I've been here before,
I'll close my tab and head for the door.
Track Name: These Songs
I could see our time was running out,
guess you could see yourself with someone else,
I broke down and put it all on you,
guess I didn't want to face the truth,

and I was wrong, and you were right,
and now it's eating me up alive,
so I'm writing to say that I'm sorry tonight.

There's a piece of you in every song I write,
I wouldn't tell you that to save my life,
act like I know but I have no clue,
there's something that I'd never tell you too,

and these songs that I write,
are just keeping me half alive,
so I'm writing in hopes that you're not home tonight.

and these songs that I write,
and these ghosts that I fight,
are just tearing me up inside,
so I'm writing to say that I hope you're alright.
Track Name: 23 (bonus track)
Hey 23, how could you be so fucking naive?
Did you think that you could just press pause on me?
I never though that I'd just lump you into a category,
But it's plain to see, you were only 23.

And I haven't fallen in so long,
thought that's where you belonged,
In my arms singing songs,
But you you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

Hey 23, is it a fact or a riddle?
Did you play me like a fiddle?
I've never been used or abused,
So kudos to you,
Never been burned, but you'll learn,
Someday it'll be your turn,
When that day comes, think of me,
C'est la vie.

And I haven't fallen in so long,
Thought that's where we belonged,
In each other's arms singing songs,
But you're gonna wake up all alone,
You're gonna wonder what went wrong,
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

Hey 23, how could I be so fucking naive?
How could I think that you,
Were more than a warm body,
But it's plain to see...